Road Services

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Using the list below, click an item for more information on some of the county road services the Public Works department performs routinely.

Road Grading
Motor Grader

Public Works uses six motor graders to manage effectively the continuous road grading required throughout Ware County. There are approximately five-hundred miles of dirt streets, roads and ditches that require treatment by these motor graders. There are routes divided into three sections throughout the county, where the department assigns two motor graders to service each route.
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Roadside Mowing

Public Works accomplishes roadside mowing throughout the county using two four-wheel drive tractors. Each tractor has a fifteen-foot “batwing” mower. The department accomplishes most of its mowing during the early fall and summer months.
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Road Signs

The Public Works department routinely replaces road signs throughout the county. The reasons for replacing these signs range from due to severe weather, to vandalism to vehicle strikes, but the department routinely replaces road signs that have aged beyond use. Also maintained are street name signs. These signs have a green background with white lettering. Private signs should have a blue background with white letting.
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