Pest & Insect Control

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Using the list below, click an item for more infomation on some of the county pest and insect control services the Public Works department performs routinely.

Beaver Trapping

Beaver trapping in the county’s drainage basins helps keep flooding waters from surrounding properties and infrastructure that could cause damage or unsafe conditions to roadways and culverts. Licensed Trappers from the State government carry out the trapping activity under the direction of the Public Works Office.
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Mosquito Spraying

Public Works uses a truck-mounted, ULV sprayer and AQUA-RESILIN®, a water-based chemical, to control the adult mosquito population. Additionally, the department controls mosquito larvae population using a granular larvicide, ALTOSID®, which is placed into catch basins, storm drains, roadside ditches and drainage collection points that would provide a hatchery for mosquitoes. Spraying during the warm months generally provides a layer of protection against the diseases transmitted by mosquitoes; however, the department advises the continued use of available insect repellants to provide maximum protection. The Public Works department shall evaluate requests for spraying an area based on current conditions and the appropriateness of any response.
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