Medical Power of Attorney

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General Powers of Health Care Agents

My health care agent will make health care decisions for me when I am unable to communicate my health care decisions or I choose to have my health care agent communicate my health care decisions. My health care agent will have the same authority to make any health care decision that I could make. My health care agent's authority includes, for example, the power to do the following:

  • Admit me to or discharge me from any hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, or other health care facility or service.
  • Request, consent to, withhold, or withdraw any type of health care.
  • Contract for any health care facility or service for me, and to obligate me to pay for these services (and my health care agent will not be financially liable for any services or care contracted for me or on my behalf.)

My health care agent shall be my personal representative for all purposes of federal or state law related to privacy of medical records (including the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act of 1996) and will have the same access to my medical records that I have and can disclose the contents of my medical records to others for my ongoing health care.

My health care agent may accompany me in an ambulance or air ambulance if, in the opinion of the ambulance personnel, protocol permits a passenger, and my health care agent may visit or consult with me in person while I am in a hospital, skilled nursing facility, hospice, or other health care facility or service, if its protocol permits visitation. My health care agent may present a copy of this advance directive for health care in lieu of the original, and the copy will have the same meaning and effect as the original.