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The Planning & Codes Department plays a central role in establishing and maintaining the health, safety and utility of our land, buildings and infrastructure. Through local planning, inspection, and enforcement, this department works to ensure that community development and land use do not adversely affect our environment.

In addition to inspecting the physical construction of established developments, the department reviews newly proposed residential, industrial and commercial development plans, coordinates the planning and development of community facilities and infrastructure, and administers business licenses in Ware County.

Planning & Codes enforces construction codes and environmental regulations. Construction codes consist of a set of federal, state or local laws, policy or conventions that govern how the elements of building construction should take place. The codes specified for implementing a building’s structural, electrical, plumbing and mechanical attributes, including those for manufactured homes, are the enforced building construction codes.

Environmental regulations are policies and standards that impose legal restrictions for the purpose of reducing or minimizing the effects of activity within our environment. Examples of enforced environmental regulations include those concerning groundwater recharge, wetland, flood plain and soil pollution susceptibility.