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Civil Court

The following forms have been provided here for convenience. You must visit the office to make official the action of a particular form.
Please note that you must provide documentation to support a claim, such as a lease or a contract.

Adobe Reader is required to read these documents. You may obtain the reader below.

Form Name


Forms with more than one page require front-to-back or duplex printing for official use.

Civil Suit Information Form

Use this form to file a civil suit against a party. This form is required to accompany each civil case filed.

Statement of Claim Form

Use this form if you wish to file a monetary claim.

Wage Garnishment

Use this form to garnish WAGES of subjects who do not respond to other claims of judgments that were rendered against them to solve a debt issue.

Financial Institution Garnishment

Use this form to garnish a debtor's BANK ACCOUNT to collect on judgments rendered to solve a debt issue. Please note you must have debtor's financial institution information, such as bank name, account number, or social security number. Summons for Garnishment must be submitted along with this form.

Foreclosure of Personal Property Form

Use this form to rescind the right to redeem a mortgage or foreclose on a mortgaged property.

Affidavit for Summons of Dispossessory

The Dispossessory Warrant is typically used to separate someone from the possession or occupancy of some property; an eviction notice.


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