Civil Court

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The following case types are typical for the Civil Division of Magistrate Court:

  • Dispossessory Warrant - to separate someone from the possession or occupancy of or on some property; an eviction notice.
  • Statement of Claim - for applicants who wish to file a monetary claim.
  • Garnishment - used against subjects who do not respond to claims or judgements that were rendered against them.
  • Judgement - judicial decision rendered during court or when subject does not file an answer.
  • Interrogatory - questions requiring answers by a defendant.
  • FIFA - a writ ordering a levy on the property of a debtor to satisfy the debt.
  • Abandoned Motor Vehicle - procedure to take possession of vehicles abandoned on private or business property.
  • Foreclosure - rescind the right to redeem a mortgage or contract usually because of a lack of making payments.
  • Trover - a common law action to recover goods that have been wrongly appropriated by somebody else.
  • Transfer - procedure to transfer a case to another county or to another court.
  • Appeal - procedure where a party may appeal a final judgement to State or Superior court.

For your convenience, you may file and pay for a civil case online using the link,