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Ware County Government owns or leases approximately ninety buildings. Fifteen to twenty of these buildings require regular maintenance. The remaining buildings either have lease occupants, who maintain their own building, or are unoccupied and receive no maintenance. Three building maintenance personnel, one groundskeeper and five housekeepers (four staff and one contract), perform the duties necessary to maintain our facilities.

Mr. Clarke Lee, the Facilities Coordinator, directs the Building Maintenance Department. He prepares its budget, manages the utility services contracts, including those for office and mobile phones, water and sewer, electrical, and gas services. Furthermore, he ensures proper compliance with building codes for current as well as future buildings. Upon designing new facilities or renovating office space or buildings, he may consult with various engineers and architects. Occasionally, he produces drawings and specifications for small, in-house projects.

Mr. Billy O’Bright, the Building Maintenance Supervisor, manages the Building Maintenance Mechanics, Housekeeping and Groundskeeping sections. By the end of fiscal year 2008, the three maintenance mechanics had closed 2,642 work orders. The five housekeepers cleaned 123,682 square feet of building spaces, including the daily cleaning and servicing of sixty-five restrooms. The groundskeeper maintains the property landscapes, including lawns and flower beds, at each building complex, including those at the courthouse, airport, regional library, senior citizens center, and around various signs and sites in the industrial park.