CAD System

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When you dial 9-1-1, an operator answers while utilizing the Computer Aided Dispatch or CAD console to deploy and direct the appropriate service. Thereafter, the CAD console is  utilized to manage communications and resources to the responding law enforcement, fire, rescue, mutual aid and EMS agencies. Integrated recording systems automatically manage incident recording from the beginning to the end of an event, while the CAD console operator manages event priorities and monitors service unit availability. CAD use ensures that calls are monitored closely, units remain active and response time is minimized. The system has proven beneficial in providing service to the community as opposed to the handwritten system that was once used to implement the dispatch operation. The handwritten system required the use of several different forms to complete for each agency dispatched, which was very time consuming. Utilizing CAD has eliminated the use of forms, and information that is keyed by the CAD operator is now stored in computer databases. Reporting and information storage and retrieval have become far more efficient, greatly increasing the 911 Center’s ability to provide more enhanced service.