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The most serious crimes are classified as felonies. Among the crimes that are felonies in Georgia are murder, rape, armed robbery, burglary, theft of property worth $500.00 or more, forgery, child molestation, aggravated assault, and most drug violations. My office prosecutes felonies in the Superior Court of Bacon, Brantley, Charlton, Coffee, Pierce, and Ware Counties.

Because there is no State court in Brantley County, my office also prosecutes misdemeanors such as DUI, shoplifting, simple battery and stalking.

Children under seventeen years of age are usually prosecuted in Juvenile Court. My office represents the State of Georgia in the Juvenile Court of each of the six counties.

The District Attorney also represents the State in drug forfeiture cases by seeking to condemn profits made by drug dealers.

My office is also involved in assisting victims of crimes in a variety of ways (See Victim Services Program for details), attending Grand Juries and serving as their legal advisor, and conducting jury trials for criminal cases.

The District Attorney also represents the State of Georgia when criminal convictions are appealed from the Superior and Juvenile Courts to either the Georgia Court of Appeals or the Georgia Supreme Court.

If I can be of service to you, feel free to call me.

George E. Barnhill
District Attorney
Waycross Judicial Circuit