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A Child Is Missing

A Child is Missing Alert (ACIM) system is available to the citizens of Waycross and Ware County through Ware County 9-1-1 and local law enforcement agencies. A child goes missing every forty seconds in the United States. Statistics indicate that your child has a one-in-forty-two chance of going missing. The program is devoted to assisting law enforcement in the search and early safe recovery effort of children, the elderly (often Alzheimer’s), disabled persons and college students via a rapid-response neighborhood notification program utilizing high-tech telephony at no charge. ACIM also offers an alert system that can be utilized by our school system in case of a school lockdown or evacuation incident. This program allows you to go online and register so that you can be notified of an incident occurring at or near your child’s school, for example. Once the incident is reported to 9-1-1, law enforcement responds, and the alert system is activated. Registration is quick, easy and confidential. Visit the website,, click on "Programs", click on “Help Us Help You” and follow the instructions to register.


C.A.R.E. means Community Awareness in Reporting Emergencies. The purpose for C.A.R.E. is to teach citizens about 9-1-1 and how they can assist 9-1-1 when reporting calls for service. The goal is to target all age groups, because adults as well as children need to understand how to properly use the 9-1-1 systems.